Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Olive Penguins

Aren't these Olive Penguins the cutest things ever!?! They are also delicious. Cute and delicious? Can't beat that. Who knew cream cheese and olives were SO good together? One of my new favorite snacks. :)

For preschool with my 3 year old, we were learning about winter. What better snack than cold loving (edible) penguins? She not only love eating them, but also like to help put them together. She was even nice enough to save a couple for her big sissy who was at school when we made them. What a little sweetie!

These Olive Penguins would be super cute for a winter party.

1 can jumbo olive
1 can small or medium olives
1 (3 ounce) package cream cheese
1 carrot, sliced

Take the jumbo olives and cut about 1/4 of the olive off (up and down where the belly of the penguin will be. Feel free to eat the part you cut out. We love olives and didn't let a single piece go to waste :)). Fill each of the jumbo olives with cream cheese. Take each carrot slice and cut a small triangle out. To assemble, place a carrot slice down first with the cut out part to the front. Place a jumbo olive on top of the carrot with the white, cream cheese, side toward the front. Top with a small or medium olive with the cut out circle end toward you. Push a toothpick down through the center to hold the penguin together. Put the carrot triangle in the circle for the beak. Enjoy your cute and yummy snack!

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