Friday, January 20, 2012

Green Onions - Did You Know???

I have been buying green onions for years and, until just recently, didn't know this (thank you Pampered Chef party lady)! As long as you don't cut the white part, you can regrow them! Just put them in a jar with some water in the window sill and watch them grow, grow, grow!

Can you believe they grew that much in just 5 days!?!?

The white lines down there are where I cut them to. I probably left about 2 inches of them.

I may never have to buy green onions again! At least, not for a while.


  1. i havent bought green onions in almost a year now because of my green onion garden in my window. and mine are 3 times bigger than ones you find in stores and taste better too

  2. I am seriously considering an herb garden this year! I'll just have to see if I can get up the nerve - it intimidates me a little. Green onions would be a must! :)

    1. the green onion takes literally no skill, lol u have to actually try to kill them , just get a mason jar pop em in and add water all there is to it:)

    2. Oh good! Maybe I can handle them. The only living things I have managed to keep alive are my kids, husband and the weeds in the "grass". :) I am no good with fish or other plants.

  3. No way!!! I'll have to this too. No more buying green onions for me if this works.


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