Monday, August 12, 2013

Fairy Birthday Party

My sweet little princess turned 5 last month!  For the last year she has been talking about her next birthday party.  Her Fairy Birthday Party.  She had so much fun and just loved it!

I love Crispy Rice Treats for parties!  They are so easy to customize.  Dip them, drizzle them, color them, etc.

She said she wanted a fairy cake, but said it really didn't have to have a fairy on it, so I made her this cute little toadstool. 
The girls little fairies made Fairy Dust.... their faces painted...

...colored fairy bags...
...and made their very own Fairy Food Mix.

All of the cute printables came from Just a Little Sparkle.


  1. Fairy Party Entertainment Emporium will thrill the littlies with their range of ideas. Who knows – one day your child could be a pop superstar, maybe even win The X Factor, thanks to the inspiration they got at a disco party for kids.

  2. Adorable Fairy theme party!! The birthday girl is looking great. It reminded me of my niece’s birthday party at one of New York venues. There we had a similar party theme. The girl was dressed beautifully in pink gown.


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