Thursday, December 13, 2012

Random Ramblings - Security Questions?

I usually stick to recipes here, but I decided to change it up a little today.  I've been trying to change my email address on a site I belong to, but they insist I answer my security question before they'll let me.  The only problem is....I don't remember setting a security question and none of my answers are working.  I emailed them letting them know and got this reply:

"Thank you for your email and I apologize for the distress you may be experiencing with answering your security question correctly. I too can sometimes have a brain fart and forget the answer to my security question too. You may answer your security question an unlimited number of times until you answer it correctly. Below I have provided the question you chose at signup again.

What was your first car?"

Pretty sure I wasn't having a "brain fart", even though I thoroughly enjoyed the term.  To try and convince them of my unusual ability to remember anything (strange how kids can make you forget anything and everything...), I sent them this reply.  Enjoy the history of my vehicles. :)

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"Is there a way to reset my security question?  I've put in so many different answers I now have carpel tunnel in my wrist.  My very first vehicle what a 1979 Chevy Luv.  It was rad!  The horn didn't work so my brother (who is an electrician) rigged up 2 door bell buttons on my dash for my horn.  The first was the sound of the horn, the second was a siren that sounded quite similar to a police siren.  I had many fun times driving down Main with my siren horn going off.  I  lovingly nick-named it 45.  That's because 45 mph was as fast as it would go.  Down hill.  I think my dad did that on purpose....  It was black with great big bright orange and yellow stripes down the side and a big 4x4 at the rear.  Like I said, it was rad!  That answer didn't work.  The make and model combined or separate.

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My next vehicle was my brothers Camaro.  It was a very cool blue IrocZ T top.  Another very rad car.  It liked to over heat when I drove around town, so I could only drive on the freeway, or directly to my destination.  The guys liked it though, and I would have loved to be able to cruise around in it more to find the hotties.   Once again, neither make and model together or separate worked for me.

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My next car was the bomb!  It was my very first car that I purchased for myself.  It was a 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse.  It was white with pink and purple pin-striping down the sides.  I referred to my baby as sexy.  I even got a customized license plate cover that said "I'm not spoiled, I'm a princess".  The guys really liked this car as well.  My guy friends would bribe me to let them use it for their dates.  I could usually get a tank of gas out of them.  Jake's bribes were always the best.  He would fill the tank, then wash, wax and detail my sexy baby.  Jake was rad!  And then there was Mike.  He borrowed my car for a date and said he felt cool.  WAY cool driving it.  Until he was pulled up at a stop light and car full of girls pulled up next to him.  Then he remembered the license plate cover said "I'm not spoiled, I'm a princess".  He said the cool feeling instantly obliterated and all he could do was sink down in the seat and hope they didn't think he was gay.  My sexy baby was fast too.  I somehow got pulled over 2 times going WAY over the speed limit (read: 100 mph+ yikes!!) and also somehow got off both times.  I guess a cute young thing batting her eyelashes really does work.  And yet again, the make and model together and separate didn't do the trick.  

Fast forward a few years (with the 2 cars in between entered with no success either) to the first vehicle my husband and I bought.  It was a brand new Dodge mini-van.  It was silver and awesomely cool.  It was the best road tripping vehicle you could get.  Very comfy!  It had all the bells and whistles and was paid off before we had it for 6 months.  It was my baby and I took immaculate care of it.  It was silver and I always thought it looked pretty.  Almost like it was smiling at me.  It lovingly carried 3 of my babies home from the hospital.  My sister teased me when I bought it.  She called me a soccer mom.  She wasn't being mean and I didn't care.  Love my van!  I had that one until the first part of this year when we were involved in a car accident and my poor baby was totaled.  We replaced it with the exact same thing.  Except it was gold.  It reminds me of vomit.  Not my color.  It washes me out.  And did I mention the previous owners didn't love on their baby the way I did on mine?  We got it through an auction and I soon realized it was the ghetto version of what I had.  Either that, or the owners were ghetto.  Maybe both.  And once again, I entered both make and model combined and separate to no avail.

The hubs says he's planning on getting me a new mini van (cause I like minis) the first part of the year.  If I still don't have the security answer resolved by then, I'll try the new cars make and model, just in case I was having future visions when I (presumably) answered my security question."


  1. I can so relate!! Our credit union periodically asks "security questions" when logging in. The other day, they asked me where do my parents live? Well, they don't; my mom passed away in 1987 and my dad in 1995! I would have never made that a security question:-( For me, I called the credit union and complained and they helped reset it. I'm not sure you're going to have luck with Google. Sometimes, I think because this is a free site, they just don't spend time on us. Lots of luck--love the "history of your cars!"

  2. My first car was a sedan which was handed down to me by my grandfather. Then the very first car that I bought from my own paycheck was my Mini Cooper which I’ve been driving for 2 years now. By the way, I like your brother’s Camaro!That car is a sure chick magnet!

    -Sara Anthony

  3. “I even got a customized license plate cover that said "I'm not spoiled, I'm a princess".”--- It looks like your first car got the royal treatment, huh! Awesome!! :D And it was really fantastic in a way that it’s not just you, but also your friends (guy buddies) who love it. Haha. I like the way they bribe you just to borrow your car! :p

    Carry Demaggio

  4. I love that cool blue Iroc but the Camaro is my vintage dream car! Anyway, that’s so generous of you to lend your car to your guy friends! I wonder what kind of ‘bribe’ will they use so that they can borrow your car.

    -Dewey Setlak


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