Monday, April 22, 2013

Wacky Birthday Party

It's been a month full of partying around here.  This Wacky Party was so much fun to plan!  My oldest turned 14 and I wanted a party that fit him and his personality.  He loves to joke around and be silly, so a wacky party was the perfect fit.  Because not all 14 year olds are as wacky as mine, each of the kids were given a bottle of "Wacky Pills" (M&M's) to get the party started.  The kids played games like Pin the Mustache on Tyler and had a silly string war, and then ate pizza and just enough sugar to have a nice sugar high by the time the party was over.  They all left with a goody bag filled with fun/wacky things like huge glasses, crazy teeth, silly string, pacifier suckers, etc.

I wanted to keep the party simple and he wanted to keep it intimate.  It turned out to be the perfect event for him and his friends.  And lucky for me, 14 year olds like to eat!  So I didn't get stuck with tons of leftover sugar. 

My favorite part of the entire party - The wacky doughnut cake with some funky candles

Wacky water with wacky straws

M&M "Wacky Pills"

The wacky stash

After - They didn't do too bad!  Except one who's mustache ended up on an entirely different wall...

I got all the darling printables from Just a little Sparkle.

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  1. Such a cute party! I love all of the little details. If you get a chance, please share this on my linky party:


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